Orbiter 2010


A realistic space flight simulator


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Orbiter 2010 is a space flight simulator game whose main objective is to respect the laws of physics in order to deliver the most realistic space voyage experience possible.

This game gives you the opportunity to launch the space shuttle from the Kennedy Space Center and attempt to arrive safe and sound to the International Space Station.

Similarly, Orbiter 2010 lets you recreate some of the most famous space voyages in modern history. To do so you just have to download the additional necessary packs, available on the official website.

Another possibility of Orbiter 2010 is to create your own space rockets. Alternatively, you can download ones created by other users.

One of the best features of Orbiter 2010 is that thanks to its accuracy, it doesn't just work as a video game: it can also be used as an educational tool. It's possible to learn a lot about space voyages with Orbiter 2010.

Orbiter 2010 is a unique game that requires some dedication if you want to get the most out of it. Learning to launch a space shuttle and get it safely to your destination takes a few hours to achieve successfully.
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